Why Teams Have NFL Throwback Jersey

We know from the history of authentic jerseys that uniforms came long way from the 1920’s to the present times. With a lot of teams and available uniform designs, most teams now practice having a NFL throwback jersey during games played at Thanksgiving.

What are NFL throwback jerseys? A throwback jersey is a variation of a certain football team’s uniform that bears a likeness to some of the uniforms in the past. Although throwback jerseys are now popular in football, it was however started during to 1980’s by the game of baseball.

After being introduced by baseball, leagues for hockey and even basketball also started using them. NFL throwback jersey on the other hand, was only launched in football during the 1994 season. This was because the league then was celebrating season number 75.

Since plastic helmets had already replaced leather helmets, players chose instead to simulate them instead of actually using them. Since there is a rule that requires teams to put numbers at the back of jerseys, in order to be more consistent with the idea of NFL throwback jerseys. Teams did their best to match the fonts.

Since the practice of using large numbers at the front of jerseys started on later, some teams had small number printed on the right shoulder of their throwback jerseys. This was to สมัครเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet reflect the style that was used earlier.

However, using throwback jerseys was that easy to use. The Dallas Cowboys for example was criticized in the design of their NFL throwback jersey. The Dallas Cowboys donned uniforms using a design from the 1960’s but retaining the design for their helmets. The Dallas Cowboys though has now opted to used their original design for the helmet, which was just a plain star. The New York Jets also did the same thing.

Although the National Football League said that teams could wear their throwback jerseys at some point only during the regular season, some teams started wearing them until the end of the football season.